Shipping Information



What we do…

Because we aim to process your order as fast as we can, therefore sometimes, your order could be picked up by courier/ freight company before we could see your email. The best way is, to always double check on your delivery information and leave us your delivery instructions or comments before checkout.

If it happened to be a mistake or if you need to make any amendments, please do that within 30mins on placing your order, although we would help out as much as we could, however if you order happened to be picked up by courier by then, HomeMart would not be liable for shipping that gone to courier.

Our Customer Service team would try very hard to help you track your item if things becomes urgent, however please kindly understand we could never guarantee on the actual delivery time frames – as this would depend on delivery routes, weather conditions and your local delivery conditions…etc.


What courier do….

Once your order has been picked up by courier, it is aiming to deliver within 2 - 3 working days in general. We normally use Post Haste Couriers and Courier Post as our major courier service company and it will be a non-signature delivery with a live tracking.

You will first receive an automatic system email to notify you that your order is now shipped, and the live tracking would be included so that you could keep an eye on it anytime.


What happens to rural….

Delivery to rural zones would generally take another 1-2 working days on top of normal delivery time frame, it could get tricky sometimes depending where you are though – such as when you see the delivery information tends to be ‘stopped’ at a point, where this could be the indication of your parcel has now reached your local delivery agent. If you are still unsure at this stage, please feel free to contact our Customer Service team.

Because this rural delivery generally takes time, we suggest you get in touch before placing an order, or to avoid placing urgent orders.


What happens to oversize/ over-weight item…

For large and heavy items, the couriers won’t be able to deliver, this is when we would use freight companies to do the job. We work with Streamline freight and Toll to deliver these items.

One thing to note in this case, is that freight delivery to RURAL zones won’t be door to door, instead, it would deliver to your nearest freight depot. If you are unsure where your nearest freight depot is, simply email our Customer Service team.

Freight deliveries tends to take longer where it could range from 2-5 working days, and again it would depend on where your delivery destination is. Luckily, we also provide tracking where you could use it as a communication reference.


When do deliveries happen….

Deliveries don’t happen in weekends and on public holidays – all time frames are estimated on business days.

If your item has been dispatched and on its way to you, and this is when you realise something doesn’t look right, we would strongly recommend you to use your tracking as reference, and contact courier company or freight company directly – this is because you would then get a first-hand information and also you are able to arrange for a possible re-deliveries.

Plan early if you need your item before weekends or public holidays